After Merdeka, Malaysia experienced an increasing level of crime rates especially from 1970s onwards.

The Royal Malaysia Police faced the task of keeping the streets safe for the people especially with rampant activities of prostitution, drug pushing, theft and rape.

A. Chandramalar was the first woman to head the Anti-Vice Branch in Penang in the 1970s.

Leading a 13-men squad, she raided an average of 15 brothels or gambling dens per day, rescuing underaged girls from prostitution and busting drug joints. She would undercover as a prostitute to hunt down pimps and raid gambling dens.

Albeit known as the Woman of Steel, she had a soft heart for many and showed tremendous kindness and generosity; giving second chances to young offenders and recommending job opportunities to criminals who have served their jail sentences.

She believes strongly in being an honest person as she wasn’t just fighting crime, but also corruption in her workplace.

This is the untold story of Chandramalar, a Malaysian hero: