At just 15 years old, Yashodev Yash Ganasan is celebrating an achievement most Malaysians could only dream of.

Despite his tender age, Yash decided to embark on the “ultimate challenge” and emerged as the youngest Malaysian to have conquered Mount Kilimanjaro.

Yash is accompanied by his family, including his father, Ganasan Arumugam, and mother, Logeswari Shanmugam, and also his uncle, Senthilnathan Shanmugam. As they began their ascent to the mountain, Yas managed to reach the summit on Jan 27. To the uninitiated, the hike is by no means easy and would be tough for many adults, let alone a child.

Conquering Mount Kilimanjaro is an impressive accomplishment. With a lot of dedication, perseverance, and teamwork, his family set out on a hike utilising the Lemosho Trail around midnight. Climbing Kilimanjaro is no small feat, and it's certainly a significant accomplishment that they were able to do so after eight days of struggle.

Sometimes a goal or task can seem incredibly daunting, but it suddenly becomes much more feasible if you split it into smaller goals.

Congratulations Yash on emerging as the young lad to conquer Mt Kilimanjaro. You have grabbed the opportunities despite many odds. Keep inspiring the upcoming generations.

Source / Image Credit: FMT