Sugar inarguably tastes delicious and is extremely addictive. The more of sugar you eat, the more you crave! However, sugar has no protein or fiber which means excess sugar is excess calories.

Also, it doesn’t fill you up and you will keep eating more sugar. Upon research, Astro Ulagam found how your body might be telling you to limit your sugar intake. Watch for this 5 signs that indicates you might be eating too much of sugar.

1) Sugar cravings

If you’re having regular sugar cravings, it simply means that you have become a sugar addict. Since sugar is addictive, it creates a chain reaction of sugar cravings. Start limiting your sugar intake to avoid further addiction.

2) Frequent colds and flu

Immune system becomes weak with frequent consumption of sugar. This decreases the ability of your body to fight off bacteria, viruses and even chronic diseases. Restore your immune system by cutting sugary foods.

3) Foggy brain

Brain Fog is a condition that increases symptoms of anxiety and depression. Thus, it robs you of inspiration and happiness. When you consume a lot of sugar, brain fog occurs and then drops the blood sugar levels. Live your life happily by limiting sugar intake.

4) Lack of energy

Undoubtedly, sugary foods provide temporary energy boost but it also leads to inevitable crash later on. So, you will be out of energy throughout the day. If you’re experiencing this, start to monitor your sugar intake.

5) Dark under eye circles and skin problems

The negative effect that sugar has on adrenaline levels leads to creation of dark circles under the eyes. Also, the inflammatory effects of sugar can manifest in the forms of skin issues such as acne, excessive dryness or oiliness.

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