Young local Silambam disciples have created a new world record on the Indian martial arts recently.

The Kids World Record (KWR) for the "Most kids doing virtual silambam stick rotation" was achieved by 231 students of the MGR Silambam Malaysia association in late September.

According to one of the instructors B Thilagawathy, the attempt was conceptualized by chief instructor R Kalisvaran. It was then overseen and guided by "Mahaguru" Mognaraman Subramaniam, and his second in command, Sasitharan Subramaniam.

"The purpose of the record attempt is to raise awareness about silambam, so that more young ones would be motivated to take up the discipline.

"In addition, it was also a tribute to the late Silambam grandmaster "Mahaguru" T Subramaniam, and to prove that the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown is not an obstacle for students to continue learning martial arts," she told Astro Ulagam.

The record-creating students hailed from five states, namely Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Pahang, Perak, and Negeri Sembilan, where MGR Silambam Malaysia clubs are located, and were aged between four and 16.

Thilagawathy said the students were asked to record short videos of themselves performing six rotations of the silambam stick, accompanied by the relevant steps, and send them to the instructors, who them reviewed them for mistakes, and compiled them if they are good to go.

The compilation was then sent to KWR for validation.

According to Thilagawathy, the challenge in organizing the attempt lay in getting the students to record their videos and sent within the stipulated time.

"We also had to constantly remind the parents and students to keep within the deadline.

"As for the instructors, it was challenging to go through 231 video clips and screen them for mistakes, before they were cleared for the attempt. There were certain videos that needed at least 10 reshoots (due to mistakes)," she recalled.

All this paid off handsomely when the students secured the world record.

"The kids and even their parents, are excited after the world record. And now, we have requests for new intake pouring in," she quipped.

The young champions have their eyes set on the Guiness World Records next - a feat they hope to achieve next year.

Kudos to the students and instructors alike on your achievement. Best wishes for creating or breaking more records in the future!

Photo source: B Thilagawathy