Anban Ashlan Raj from Penang has done the country proud by becoming the sole Malaysian recipient of the esteemed 2022 Diana Award.

The 21-year-old, who's studying Data Science at Monash University Malaysia, was recognized for social action or humanitarian efforts among 180 youths worldwide, reported the New Straits Times (NST).

According to the report, Anban's citation was for establishing a set of notes for the Additional Mathematics subject when he was 16, and sharing them with his classmates who were struggling with the subject.

In addition, Anban is also the founder and president of the World Youth Leaders Organisation, which has launched the world's first leadership development course for young people, with scholarships offered, and has benefited youths from more than 40 countries in five continents.

The Organisation has also forged global partnerships with renowned organisations such as Thred Media in the UK, Peace First Org in the US, and #LearningPlanet in France to advance the outreach for leadership education, added the report.

For the record, the Diana Award was established in memory of the late Princess of Wales, to honor youths aged 9 to 25 who go above and beyond in their lives to create and sustain positive change, and for their social actions or humanitarian work.

Anban was feted in a virtual ceremony held on July 1, to commemorate the 61st anniversary of Diana's birth.

The inspiring youth believes that one can change the world with quality education. He said that he was "estatic" and honored to be recognized by the "life-changing" prestigious award.

"Those involved in social action understand the gravity of this recognition as it looks into the person holistically.

"We are commonly told that we can work towards an award, but that is not the case with the Diana Award, as it is an independent recognition of one's ability to lead real-life change," he told the daily, adding that the award entails a one-year leadership development opportunity.

Spurred by the award, Anban pledged to continue spreading positive change in the field of leadership education.

He attributed his success to his mother, Dr Annamalar Anthonysamy, as well as his maternal grandparents Anthonysamy Selvanaikam and Kirubakary Santhanasamy, and his friends.

Congratulations Anban, on your worthy recognition! Keep up the good work, and continue making your family, and the country, proud.

Source : NST
Photos source: NST, YouTube