Satish Raj Kunasangaran or better known as Ztish, is a household name that needs no introduction!

For us, Ztish is a source of inspiration to all the rising stars. His journey to success has a lot of effort and struggle behind it.

While the famous musician is still on the rise, he has marked his name in the Malaysian music industry as one of the most devoted artists by receiving the prestigious MACP award 2022 for the Most Played Tamil Song, ‘Ennai Kollathey’ at Anugerah MACP, recently.

Before hitting fame overnight, this incredibly talented and down-to-earth singer led a different life. He used to be completely anonymous, with nothing but his dreams and intense passion for music drove him toward his goals.

Despite his burgeoning talent, the journey wasn’t a bed of roses, as he got to work tirelessly at every turn in his career path.

Recently, Astro Ulagam spoke to Ztish about his inspiring journey of becoming a music star that Gen Z and millennials are looking up to!

The 29-year-old musician who emerged into the limelight after the release of the whole album ‘Geethaiyin Raadhai’, recollects his initial struggles and says, that he was then a student at LimKokWing University and don’t have a choice instead differing the whole semester to focus on his career as a music director for the film.

“Being thankful for all my peers who have stood with me from the beginning till the end of recordings.”

He reflects on the time when he was inspired by his uncle’s band and also his mom who is also known as an enthusiastic singer.

Ztish asserts, "What has helped me to become who I am now is my parent’s love and support for me to do whatever you love. They’re my main pillar."

As things seemed to be perfect on his side, the COVID-19 pandemic hit Malaysia, and Movement Control Order (MCO) was imposed in the same year.

Just like other individuals who have lost their jobs during the pandemic, Ztish has faced the same scenario amid the major lockdown. Being broke and going through tight financial issues, Ztish refused to give up & committed to a few part-time jobs as a van driver and also served about five months in customer service.

The ever-humble Ztish believes that it is our daily struggles that make our journey to the top so enchanting. "Everyone faces struggle, and I never want to scream out my challenges very loud because I would want to do everything again since that has made me what I am today," he said.

Meet the faces behind the success of ‘Ennai Kollathey’

Speaking about the soulful song, the lyricist Kavi Naayagan Yuwaji, the musician's Boy Radge, the sound engineer, guitarist Amos, and veena player Meroshana have brought out the most beautiful tune we’ve ever heard.

Not to forget the singers, Kumaresh Kamalakannan and Keshvini Saravanan who lent their soulful voices for this beautiful masterpiece.

The views for the music video need a special mention. It has swelled to a staggering 81 million views to date. You deserve this, Ztish!

Speaking about his upcoming projects, Ztish has stated that he will be collaborating with a few international musicians in the upcoming year. All these new projects are going to be quite different from the ones that he has worked on earlier.

As his journey is a source of inspiration for all the struggling artists who fear failing in their art, Ztish advises young teens to not stop reaching out to their dreams due to the fear of failure. As digital platforms are doing well in this era, you always have something to learn something new. Perhaps, Ztish has also learned piano through a YouTube channel.

Having said that, Ztish will be also conducting a ‘2 Days Music Production Workshop’ for those youngsters who are keen to learn more about the music industry.

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There’s a saying:

"Good things take time, and you will have to wait and work hard for them."

Ztish proves that every single of his steps is worth the success that he owns now. Congratulations on your remarkable feat, and best wishes for your future undertakings!