Social activist Kuan Chee Heng has come to the rescue of a family who was forced to spend a month in their car after being evicted by their landlord for failing to pay rent.

In a post on his Facebook and website, the former policeman fondly known as "Uncle Kentang", said that a total of RM4,900 have been collected - exceeding the RM4,500 target initially set.

The predicament of the victim, identified only as Hara, began when the company which employed him as a security guard, ran into troubles paying his salary.

This rendered Hara unable to pay three months of house rental, and as a result, the man, his wife and three children, including a baby, were evicted by their landlord.

With nowhere else the go, the family slept in their Perodua Viva for the last month, until Hara eventually reached out to Kuan and his team for help.

The first thing the activist did was place the family in a nearby hotel, so that they could get long overdue "proper bath and comfortable mattress to sleep on", Kuan wrote in his website.

According to him, the funds collected will be used to find a new rental house, and essentials for the family.

Those interested to help Kuan in the cause can contact his team at 018-2683999 or check out his website here.

Thank you Uncle Kentang for your kindness transcending race and religion.

The world would be a much better place if there were more kind people like Kuan.

Source: Facebook
Photo source: Sinar Harian, Kentang Fund website