In a case reminiscent of the struggles faced by M Indra Gandhi, yet another divorced mother is longing to be reunited to be with her three children taken by her ex-husband.

Loh Siew Hong, 34, recently lodged a police report seeking to recover her twin daughters aged 14 and 10-year-old, who are now reportedly under the care of religious authorities in Perlis.

"I want my children back. It has been three years since I was separated from them. So I plead to those having my children - hand them back to me," Free Malaysia Today (FMT) quoted the tearful mother saying.

According to the report, Loh, a former economy-rice seller, previously spent a stint at a women's shelter after suffering physical abuse at the hands of her ex-husband - during which time their children were left under the care of the man and his mother.

Loh filed for divorce last year and won full custody of the children from the Kuala Lumpur High Court, which also ordered the police to recover her children.

She has also since rebuilt her life by currently being employed as an assistant chef in Genting Highlands, but attempts to trace her children's whereabouts have been futile as her former mother-in-law had claimed that her son is uncontactable.

Last year alone, Loh had lodged police reports in three different states on her missing children.

Last month, a woman sent Loh photos of her children on her Facebook, and was eventually told by a man that her son was under his care at a tahfiz school in Tasek Gelugor, Penang.

However, checks at the school showed that no such person lived there.

The distraught mother has sought the help of Bagan Dalam assemblyman Satees Muniandy and Seberang Perai city councillor P David Marshel, who are assisting her to trace her children's whereabouts.

David said they are hopeful of police action in recovering the children, failing which they will take the matter to court.

The case is reminiscent of that involving former kindergarten teacher M Indira Gandhi, who had been longing to see her youngest child Prasana Diksa for 13 years.

Indira's former husband Muhammad Riduan Abdullah, whose name prior to conversion to Islam was K Padmanathan, unilaterally converted his three children with Indira to Islam, in 2009.

He took Prasana, who was just 11-months-old then, while the elder children, Tevi Darshiny, and Karan Dinesh, who were then 13 and 12, respectively, were left with their mother.

Following a lengthy legal battle at both the civil and syariah courts, the Federal Court in 2016 unanimously declared the conversions null and void.

Indira has yet to see Prasana despite court orders to return the child to her mother. Riduan and Prasana are believed to be overseas.

The police have failed to recover the child despite numerous attempts and court orders.

Source: FMT
Photo source: FMT