Yet another COVID-19 quarantine flouter was fined and jailed today.

Nur Emah Mohamad Hashim, 72, pleaded guilty to the offence at the Ipoh magistrate's court and was fined RM8,000 and jailed for a day. She also risks being jailed for six months if she fails to settle the fine.

The photo of Nur Emah dining at a restaurant while wearing a pink hospital tag, given to those required to undergo home quarantine, had earlier gone viral on social media.

In her mitigation, Nur Emah pleaded for a lower fine amount as it was her first offence, and as she had to take care of her three children, following her husband's death.

Nur Emah is the second person to be fined and jailed for flouting the mandatory COVID-19 quarantine.

Yesterday, the Alor Setar magistrate's court imposed a RM12,000 and five months jail on Nezar Mohamed Sabur Batcha, 57, the nasi kandar restaurant who set off the Sivagangga COVID-19 cluster in Kedah, and several other states.

Earlier this week, a senior citizen couple reportedly removed their pink quarantine wristbands to go shopping for groceries outside an area under the Targeted Enhanced Movement Control Order (TEMCO) in Kuala Sanglang, Perlis.

Upon being detained at a roadblock, the couple claimed that they suffered allergic reactions when wearing the wristbands.

The government has since warned that quarantine flouters would no longer be compounded, but taken to the courts instead.

As of noon yesterday, Malaysia has recorded a total of 9,129 COVID-19 cases and 125 deaths from the disease.

Globally, the infection and death tally from the coronavirus have surpassed 21 million and 752,000, respectively.

Photo source: Twitter, The Star