An anti-Jawi group which became the subject of Youth and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman's 'bodoh sombong' (foolishly arrogant) remark will serve a legal notice to the minister after he failed to apologize for making the statement.

The notice will be personally served by Seni Khat Action Team (Sekat) secretary Arun Dorasamy and his lawyers at Syed Saddiq's office later today after the 48-hour grace period given for the apology lapsed last Thursday.

Last week, Syed Saddiq lambasted the coalition of 24 national NGOs and parties from the peninsula, Sabah and Sarawak after it vowed to hold a nationwide campaign to convince children to skip school should the government proceed with the introduction of Jawi without discussions with relevant stakeholders.

"Willing to stop children from getting education just because you are afraid of 3 pages (of Jawi lessons), which are not included in exams, and is optional. You cannot get more bodoh sombong than this," Syed Saddiq had tweeted last Monday.

Replying to a netizen who reprimanded him for name calling instead of engaging in dialogue with detractors, the minister said the government had, in fact, been explaining the khat issue for a month, and yet, there are still parties holding education at ransom and using it as a bargaining tool.

‘3 pages today, 30 pages tomorrow’

According to Arun today, Syed Saddiq's comment had resulted in more than 10,000 racial slurs thrown against Sekat on social media, despite them having legitimate rights to oppose Jawi implementation in schools.

"His comment against Sekat can be seen as a diversion from his infamous hosting of controversial preacher Zakir Naik. We were made the victims.

"Three pages (of Jawi) today, can be 30 pages tomorrow, at a stroke of a pen," Arun said in a statement.

Syed Saddiq should instead voice out against parties asking non-Muslim businesses to refrain from using Jawi in their product packaging or signboards, in order to not confuse the consumers, he added.

"Where is his voice against the racial boycott of non-Muslim products by Muslims?

"Syed Saddiq is ethically, intellectually, and politically incorrect when he slammed Sekat as 'bodoh sombong' as it has caused us to be perceived as extremists, anti-Islam, anti-Malay and anti-national," said Arun.

Sekat had been opposed to the implementation of Jawi lessons in the Standard Four Bahasa Malaysia syllabus, despite the Education Ministry saying the lesson will only be taught in Standard Four with prior approval of parent-teacher associations, parents and pupils.

Teachers will also be given the option on how to teach the subject, and it will not be testable.

Sekat has urged for more consultations on the matter, and said it would otherwise hold a 'National Skip School Day', with the cooperation of parents who do not want their children to learn Jawi, nationwide.

Photo source: Astro Awani, Syed Saddiq Instagram