Cops Nab 28 Men Over Fight at Kuala Selangor Temple

  • 05 Aug 2019

Following, and observing a chariot procession during a Hindu religious festival, are supposed to be ways to journey (quite literally), with God and display one's faith to the Almighty.

However, 28 Indian men in Kuala Selangor apparently did not get the memo. 

They have been arrested by the police following a clash between two groups over the setting-up of a tent during a procession at the Kaliamma Bestari Jaya temple in Sungai Darah, about 9.15pm last night. 

The fight, involving machetes, injured a policeman who tried to stop it, and partly severed the palm of a civilian who was caught in the middle. 

Police also seized five "sharp weapons" following the suspects' arrests.

According to Selangor CID chief Fadzil Ahmat, police are still looking for two more suspects to facilitate investigations. 

The detained suspects are expected to be remanded today.

Source: Free Malaysia Today
Photo source: PDRM