Meet The One-Armed Mechanic Who Doesn't Let His Impairment Get In The Way

  • 25 Nov 2019

It is quite rare to see a able-bodied youth make a decent living without complaining these days.

They are either usually complaining about their  jobs, or the rising cost of living. 

S Surendran, 32, may be an exception. 

Not only he is refusing to let the fact that he misses an arm, get in his way of making a decent livelihood, but he does it in one of the most difficult professions there is - a mechanic. Plus, he is grateful for his job.

The youth, who lost his left arm below the elbow, after being attacked by unknown individuals while riding a motorcycle in 2006, can now be seen handling cars and fiddling with automobile engines with his able right arm, at his cousin's workshop in Taman Seremban Jaya, Negeri Sembilan.

"I did not expect to make it this far as I thought my life was over the moment I became a disabled person (OKU). 

"After the incident, I languised at home for at least six months, before thoughts about supporting my elderly parents and five younger siblings, who are still at school, got me moving," Surendran was quoted telling Harian Metro. 

His cousin brother, M Murugan, offered him a job at his workshop, and Surendran started off with a salary of just RM150 a month. 

Although it was difficult to adjust at first, Surendran slowly started to pick up skills at work and now, he has a steady stream of satisfied customers. 

"It is not easy to work with one hand. I have gotten hurt a few times, but experience has thought me to handle matters and see them through."

According to Surendran, he is extremely grateful for his job, especially when seeing his customers' reactions when their car problems are sorted out. 

"So far, the customers have been satisfied with my work, and it moves me the most when they motivate me, although they don't know me personally. 

"My customers also do not doubt my ability to fix their cars, and this gives me the boost to go the extra mile to support my family, especially after my father's passing from a heart attack, four years ago," he said. 

Missing an arm is also not an excuse for him to rely on others or their sympathy, he added. 

"If I can do it, it is not impossible for other OKU out there to succeed, as long as they have are willing to try and work hard to change their fate," said the gutsy youth. 

Source: Harian Metro
Photo source: S Surendran Facebook


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