Nithyananda To Appoint A Tamil Actress As Kailaasa's Prime Minister?

  • 08 Dec 2019

Swami Nithyananda is a self-proclaimed God's man and a fugitive on the run, who has been in the news recently for alleged rape and kidnapping.

Nithyananda, however, shook the entire nation when he announced about starting up his own country - with its own flag, currency, passport and also government departments.

He named the island 'Kailasaa', which will become the first Hindu nation if it is officially recognised as a country.

It is said that citizenship will only be provided to Nithyananda's devotees when clearance is given by the Prime Minister and Cabinet, and protection will be given to Hindus around the world who are not allowed to practice Hinduism freely.

Besides that, it is also announced that the country will offer free healthcare, free education, free food and will follow a temple-based lifestyle.

Now it is revealed that Nithyananda will appoint his favourite disciple 'Amma', a Tamil actress as the Prime Minister or President of his nation. But the identity of Amma is still unclear, while some say that it might be former actress Ranjitha who has become a full-time sannyasin now.

Source: EconomicTimes