SJKT Student Wins Top Prize in International Fish-Drawing Contest!

  • 10 Aug 2020

A nine-year-old boy from Selangor has clinched the top prize in the 2020 State-Fish Art contest organised by American non-profit conservation charity Wildlife Forever. 

K Kanniesh Theeran, a Year Three pupil from SJK (T) Rawang, won a certificate, letter of achievement and a trophy for his win in the international category, reported The Star. 

Theeran drew a Chinese Pangasius Catfish and wrote an essay on the fish to take home the first prize. 

The competition saw about 5,000 entries from 47 American states and 32 countries, and Theeran's top prize was for Malaysia. 

According to Theeran's mother Kangathevi Ponnudorai, Theeran has always been interested in arts. 

"He planned well, did his homework and completed it in two weeks," she was quoted saying.

To make the victory all the more sweeter, Theeran's younger sister, Kanniesh Shindavy, who is a Year Two pupil of the same school, had her artwork selected as part of the Lucia Bocchino Fund for Promising Young Artists’ 2020 International Virtual Exhibition.

She had drawn a picture of her mother, for the contest theme of "Who is a woman in your life that inspires you?"

The exhibition, which is in its 12th year, had more than 150 submissions from over 20 countries, and this is Shindavy's first recognition for her artwork. 

According to Kangathevi, Theeran aspires to get into politics when he grows up, while his sister wants to be a lawyer. 

Kudos kids! The best wishes for you both to reach greater heights in the future!

Source: The Star
Photo source: The Star,

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