Youth Who Started Nasi Lemak Business During MCO Now Proud Owner of Three Stalls!

  • 17 Aug 2020

"When life gets harder, challenge yourself to be stronger," goes an anonymous quote on the internet. 

R Gurubaran, 24, is one of those who managed to rise above the challenge thrown by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the Movement Control Order (MCO) enforced to contain it. 

Having lost his job as a van driver during the MCO, the Rawang youth opened up a roadside stall selling nasi lemak packets for RM1.50 each last May, and today, he has opened two more stalls selling the Malaysian delicacy, and also fried meehoon, in Rawang.

A Facebook user had highlighted his business back in June, and the viral post was later picked up by The Star's Malay portal M Star, which also followed up on his recent lifestyle change. 

According to him, he had received various interview offers from other media outlets after his story went viral, and he was even offered to participate in a entrepreneurship course for youths in the B40 group. 

He told the portal that he did not expect the challenges faced during the MCO turned out to be a blessing in disguise. 

From selling 40 to 50 packets of nasi lemak a day, a few months ago, Gurubaran and his family now prepare about 120 packets a day, for all three stalls. 

In his initial days, he had faced hesitant customers who would slow down to buy nasi lemak from his stall, but end up leaving by not purchasing anything, probably after seeing it is sold by an Indian. 

But now, his customers comprise of multi-racers, and he also receives bulk orders from customers. 

Gurubaran has also taken to new ventures, by selling anchovies and also doing event planning. 

"By doing so, I hope to help other youth who also want to generate income. My friends and I have started a group to recruit youths who want to do business. Those interested to join can contact 011-37343708," Gurubaran was quoted telling MStar. 

As for his long-term plan, the gutsy youth plans to open a restaurant in the near future. 

"It is not easy to succeed. I believe that there may be youths who are too ashamed to do business while standing by the road side. 

"I would say, put the shame aside and perservere instead. Only then you can succeed."

Such an inspiring story indeed. Gurubaran has proven that obstacles can be broken with hardwork and perseverance. 

Here's wishing him all the very best in his future undertakings!

Source: mStar
Photo source: mStar, Facebook

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