Mokhtar Dahari Ranked Third in Top Goal Scorers Of All Time List

  • 11 Sep 2020

The name Mokhtar Dahari is synonymous with the local football scene, but how many of us know that the legendary late footballer is one of the highest scoring player of all time at the international level?

According to a recently released statistic on the website, Mokhtar, who was also known as 'Supermokh', placed third with 86 goals scored in the international arena. 

Iranian player Ali Daei and Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo placed first and second with 109 goals and 101 goals, respectively. 

Mokhtar's stellar goal record dims that of legendary footballers like Pele (Brazil), Diego Maradona (Argentina), and even current player Lionel Messi, who only has 70 goals under his belt. 

Mokhtar's prolific record even took his son Mohd Reza by surprise, according to Harian Metro. 

"I did not about the number of goals (my father scored) and more shocking was his placement as the three best players in the world. I'm proud that his contributions are still being remembered," he told the daily. 

Although there were those who dispute the record, saying it was not against reputed European or Latin American teams, Reza is nonetheless proud of his late father's achievement. 

"This proves that my father performed his best every time he played for the country," he said. 

Mokhtar's football prowess was legendary in the Asian region in the late 70s and early 80s. 

He has also helped the country win the bronze and hold medals in various tournaments in the region. 

Domestically, his stint with the Selangor team between 1972 and 1987 also saw him score a total of 218 goals out of 375 appearances. 

Mokhtar died in 1991, aged just 37, after battling a motor neuron disease. 

Source:, Harian Metro
Photo source: Wikipedia,

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