Astro Seithigal unlocked a new milestone as it streamed live from a residential home for the first time yesterday (15 Jan).

In light of the rising COVID-19 cases, the nation is striving to curb the spread by imposing Movement Control Order across a few states including Selangor and the Federal Territories.

However, essential services like the News and Broadcast industry are allowed to run their operations, but only employees with the nature of work that requires physical presence in the office are allowed to leave their homes.

While it was unimaginable for the broadcast industry to implement 'Work from Home' (WFH) practice entirely, Astro Seithigal has taken the first step to prove that it's possible.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the team was forced to utilise the residence of an employee to air the 30-minute news programme.

With a strong internet connection, a quiet space and adequate amount of light, Astro Seithigal has shown that quality content can be delivered a despite the unprecedented challenges faced by the company.