A wedding, and the funeral of the groom two days later, have set off a cluster of COVID-19 infections in Bihar, India, when the country is already grappling to contain the disease.

According to reports, the wedding took place in a village in rural Patna, on June 15.

The groom, identified as software engineer Anil Kumar, 30, was already showing symptoms of coronavirus when he returned home from Delhi, where he works, said reports.

Despite his condition, the family pressed on with the wedding and authorities say no one followed social distancing guidelines, or wore masks, during the function.

Two days after the wedding, Anil Kumar died after his condition deteriorated. His family then carried out his cremation even before informing the local authorities.

The police have now filed a case against the groom's father for breaking guidelines and causing the super-spreader event.

Tests on guests who attended both the wedding and the funeral later showed that more 100 people are COVID-19 positive. More than 300 other attendees have been identified and isolated.

None of Anil Kumar's family members, nor the bride, have so far tested positive.

India has reported more than 600,000 infections and over 18,000 deaths from the disease so far. There are more than 10,000 cases, and over 60 deaths in Bihar alone.

Source: India Today, ndtv.com, hindustantimes.com