We have all heard of the expression "scared to death" at one point or another.

Tragically, it became real for a teenager who passed away of a heart attack after visiting a haunted house attraction in Bentong, Pahang, recently.

According to Kosmo, the incident happened when the 16-year-old went on a vacation there with his best friend's family on Dec 1.

The boy and his friends then decided to visit a haunted house attraction, where the tragic incident happened.

He reportedly collapsed after being "shocked" by a ghost in the attraction. A short video clip of the boy gasping for breath while being surrounded by his frantically crying friends is making rounds on social media.

Bentong police chief Superintendant Zaiham Mohd Kahar said that investigation revealed that the boy suffered from a perforated heart, a rare but potentially fatal complication of the organ that could be present from birth.

Police have classified the case as sudden death and the deceased's remains have been buried in his hometown in Melaka.

So tragic indeed. May the boy's soul rest in peace.

Source: Kosmo
Photo source: Thrillist.com