Seeing Lionel Messi from afar could make any little boy's day, but getting invited by the football superstar to join him in a kickabout is the stuff of dreams.

For British Mackenzie O'Neill, it was dream come true when he got to do just that while on a family vacation in Antigua.

Mackenzie was playing football by himself on the beach, when Messi showed up and gestured to the 11-year-old, asking if he wanted to play.

Being a budding goalkeeper for a local club in London, Mackenzie agreed, and spent the next 40 minutes of so kicking the ball about with Messi and his son Thiago.

Mackenzie managed to squeeze two goals against the Barcelona star but the latter eventually won.

"I wasn't nervous. I was a bit shy at first but then just did what I love doing best.

"It was incredible to see him move. He wasn't bothered about actually playing, but the best part was I almost nut-megged him!" Mackenzie told CNN.

The cool meet did not end there. Mackenzie ended up hanging out with Mesi and his family for a couple of days while they vacationed in the island with their respective families.

On the star's last day in Antigua, Messi got his son to play another time with Mackenzie while he watched from the side.

After video of the chance kickabout went viral on social media, Mackenzie has witnessed his follower count on Instagram go from 85 to 3,500.

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