The Malaysian Meteorological Department (MetMalaysia) has warned Malaysians to brace for wet days ahead.

This as the country is expected to get thunderstorms with heavy rain and strong winds, as the region transitions from the south-west monsoon which began on May 19, to the monsoon period from September 24 (Friday) until early November.

"During the monsoon transition phase, the region will receive weak winds from various directions which are very suitable for thunderstorm, which usually bring heavy rain and strong winds in a short period.

"These incidents occur mainly in the afternoon and early evening in most areas in the states on the west coast, and interior of the peninsula, western Sabah, and western and central Sarawak," The Star quoted MetMalaysia saying in a statement.

The department further urged the public to be vigilant during the transition period, as flash floods could possibly occur.

Members of the public can get updated weather forecasts and warnings from MetMalaysia's official website, social media channels, as well as the myCuaca mobile application.

Source: The Star
Photo source: Bernama via NST