A RapidKL bus driver has become the darling of the internet after he went beyond the call of duty to send a "lost" female passenger home, late at night, in his own car.

According to Sin Chew Daily, the incident happened recently when the 22-year-old woman boarded the bus driven by the man, identified only as Sukumaran, after finishing work late.

The woman, who usually travels by MRT, became frustrated and anxious after missing the last train home, and got on the bus, hoping it would at least take her near her house in Semenyih.

However, panic set in when the bus went the different way, and sensing her distress, Sukumaran reportedly offered her a ride home in his car.

To placate her fear of travelling alone with a stranger, Sukumaran even told her to take his photo in order to report to the bus officers. He also told the woman to call her family and update regarding her whereabouts.

He even reportedly apologised to the woman for taking her in his car, which was not in the best of condition.

Even more impressive is the fact that the driver went the extra (few) mile(s) by sending her back to Semenyih, when he lived in Sungai Besi!

The daily reported further that Sukumaran told the woman that he has helped passengers in similar situations before, in his three years as a bus driver.

Highly impressed by him "saving her life", the woman has written to RapidKL about Sukumaran's selfless act, hoping that he would be rewarded accordingly.

The driver's kind deed went noticed after several portals reported on it and netizens are raining praises on him.

Kudos to Sukumaran! At an age where people are often taking advantage of one another, people like Sukumaran are a beacon of hope indeed.

Source: Sin Chew Daily, World of Buzz
Photo source: Sin Chew Daily, Shutterstock