Buvaneswary Gunusegran, who valiantly fought fourth stage breast cancer, is no more.

The 28-year-old, who was diagnosed with the disease when she was in the third year of law studies at MMU (Multimedia University) in Melaka, passed away about 9.50pm on Wednesday (Jan 27).

Last December, the plight of Buvaneswary's family went viral on social media, after it was revealed that they were running out of funds to support her treatment at the Pantai Hospital in Ayer Keroh.

Buvaneswary was the sole breadwinner of the family, who worked at a law firm in Muar, Johor, even after her diagnosis.

Her father, Gunusegran Subramaniam, 64, spent almost his entire life savings to see his daughter through university, and is now surviving on RM300 a month from the Welfare Department. He has three other sons, one of whom is disabled, while the other two are working as a security guard, and studying in Kelantan, respectively.

Following reports that the family was in dire of need of assistance, well-wishers and netizens came to the rescue, wiring in more than the RM30,000 needed for her medical bills, in just a matter of days.

It is painful to accept that the young woman with so much potential is no longer with us, but at least she's no longer suffering from pain.

May her soul Rest in Peace.

Source: Social media
Photo source: Social media