A newly-wed Indian couple are going viral for signing a rather unusual pre-nuptial agreement on their wedding day, recently.

According to reports, the couple identified as Mintu Rai, 25, and Shanti Prasad, 24, signed on the dotted line on a huge piece of cardboard with the word 'contract' written on top, at the ceremony held on July 9 in Assam, India.

Among the conditions stipulated in the contract are having pizza only once a month, saying yes to home cooked food, Shanti wearing saree everyday, and going to the gym daily.

The other requirements in the contract included having to take a "good picture" at every party, shopping once every 15 days, partying late but only with each other, and for Mintu to prepare the Sunday morning breakfast.

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According to reports, the contract, which is not legally binding, was put together by friends of the couple, who also signed on the document as "witnesses".

An Instagram video of the fun contract signing has been viewed and liked millions of times, said reports.

The couple reportedly plan to frame the contract and mount it on their wall.

However, it doesn't look like the couple are going to abide by the rules stipulated in the contract as the "pizza crazy" bride has already had pizza twice since the wedding.

Source: mirror.co.uk, thenewscom.pk
Photo source: mirror.co.uk
Video source: Instagram