The wearing of face masks is a crucial step to contain the spread of COVID-19.

Despite knowing the dangers of not doing so, and being aware of the punishment by the authorities, there are still people who refuse to wear masks.

The Indonesian police seems to have found an ingenious way to deal with such individuals.

Four teenagers who were recently caught riding motorcycles without masks, were detained by the municipal police in Jakarta, Indonesia, and were "taught a lesson" using coffins used to carry COVID-19 patients, reported

The boys had earlier knocked into a policeman manning a roadblock.

According to the report, the youth were taken to the site of a monument being erected to remember COVID-19 casualties, for the purpose.

"You know what box is this? Know the dangers of COVID-19. You can land in this box.

"So, don't forget to wear face masks. It is not that difficult. Masks can be easily bought for cheap now," one of the enforcement officers was quoted telling the four teenagers.

The four errant youth could only nod their heads, before they were booked for flouting COVID-19 rules.

Such a brilliant idea indeed. Perhaps it is time our own police considered using similar methods to teach Malaysians who refuse to follow standard operating procedures set to contain the COVID-19 outbreak.

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