It is common for people to get offended when they got called out for their appearance or age.

However, a 41-year-old Chinese woman took it to the next level when she got involved in a scuffle with a supermarket cashier who called her "auntie".

The incident took place in the city of Hangzhou, China, recently, when the woman, surnamed Xing, got offended by being called as such, and asked the 29-year-old cashier to call her as "sister" instead.

According to reports, however, the cashier remained adamant in her conduct, saying that she had indeed correctly addressed to Xing as "auntie".

A scuffle between the two ensued, upon which Xing accused the cashier of pulling her hair and kicking her.

When the dust eventually settled, both of them were taken to the police station for mediation, and the cashier was made to compensate Xing RMB500 (RM330).

Later checks found that it was the cashier who had hit Xing first following the confrontation, and the said person has since quit the job and become uncontactable.

The supermarket manager has also apologised to Xing over the issue, but said that she was called "auntie" due to her haggard appearance.

He has vowed to improve in the future.

This is not the first such a clash has happened due to improper name calling.

In November 2020, a 40-year-old Indian woman lashed out and slapped a 19-year-old girl after the latter called her "auntie" at a crowded supermarket.

Both women were then taken to the police station for mediation.

What do you think? Did the women in both cases overreact for nothing, or were they justifiably offended?

Photo source: Shutterstock