Those stranded in their hometowns when the Movement Control Order (MCO) was enforced, will be allowed to travel back to their homes from May 7 to 10.

According to the police, travellers will have to apply via the latest version of the Gerak Malaysia app or apply manually at the nearest police station, prior to making their journeys.

Below is the travelling schedule set by the authorities to ensure smooth traffic flow and avoid congestion:Bukit Aman CID director Huzir Mohamed said during these days, only public toilets at highway R&R (rest and relaxation) facilities, will be open, while restaurants will remain closed.

Speaking to a press conference recently, Huzir said about 1.16 million smartphone users have downloaded the Gerak Malaysia app, and the police have received more than 462,000 applications for interstate travel. Registrations via this app are open until May 5.

Those who have applied, however, do not have to wait for approval before travelling. If they are stopped at roadblocks, policemen will be able to access the travellers' applications on the app.

Gerak Malaysia app users will be allowed travel home with their family members, but they will have to fill in details of those over the age of 16.

People who do not have smartphones have to go to their nearest police station to manually apply for interstate travel permit, before May 6.

Today marks the first day of the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) announced by Putrajaya to restart its economy, after billions of ringgit worth of losses were reported daily during the partial lockdown to contain the spread of COVID-19.

Under the CMCO, certain economic and social activities will be allowed to resume, with conditions.

"Balik kampung" for Hari Raya is also not allowed.

COVID-19 has thus dar affected 6,289 people in Malaysia and killed 105.

Globally, the tally of infected people have surpassed 3.5 million, and over 248,000 people have died from the disease.

Source: Malay Mail, FMT
Photo source:, Astro Awani