Nearly ten months ago, the social media platforms and newspapers in May 2022 were splashed with the sudden death of S. Vinosiny, who reportedly succumbed to death from being electrocuted in a hostel at Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM).

It sends a shiver down the writer’s spine to think of the pain that her parents need to go through as they desperately wanted to know the cause of their daughter’s death.

In light of the issues which been circulating about Vinosiny’s death, lawyer M Manoharan said the family will proceed with legal action by filing a civil suit against the university, as R Sivakumar (father) received a letter from the Alor Setar sessions court dated Feb 1 regarding the cause of her death.

The letter, sighted by FMT, stated that Vinosiny died as a result of “an accident caused by electrocution”, adding that this conclusion was made after the case was referred to the coroner’s court.

Manoharan said that the family was not aware of the inquiry into Vinosiny's death.

"I've never heard of an inquest being conducted and completed without doing a thorough investigation and without questioning witnesses," he remarked.

The family subsequently requested the notes from the inquest hearings and any pertinent papers, which they promised they would review before filing the lawsuit.

According to the higher education minister Khaled Nordin, the police are still looking into Vinosiny's death. He said that the ministry was not informed of the probe and that he was unable to make any additional comments.

Manoharan heavily criticised Khaled for being "ignorant and naive" about the issue and even questioned why the minister just said that the police probe was ongoing when it seemed as though the inquest into Vinosiny's death had already been completed.

Vinosiny, who was a Semester 4 student with Bachelor's Degree in Accounting (Information System), was found dead in her dorm room at UUM's campus in Sintok, Kedah, on May 21. She was only 21.

Image Credit / Source: FMT