A policewoman who went beyond the call of duty to help a woman in labour deliver her baby has been feted with the ultimate honour - having the child named after her.

The Indonesian baby boy which Lance Corporal Komathi Narayanan helped bring into this world has been named Rizky Sardi Mathi-varna, reported The Sun.

Yesterday, 27-year-old Komathi was also honoured by certificates of appreciation and plaques from Cheras police chief ACP Mohamed Mokhsein Mohamed Zon. Also feted at the ceremony was taxi driver Wong Kok Loong, 43, who ferried Komathi and the child's mother to the hospital.

During his speech at the ceremony, Mohamed Mokhsein dubbed both Komathi and Wong as heroes who stepped up and went beyond, during a time of need.

The incident unfolded on Oct 7 when Komathi, who was on duty at the Bandar Tasik Selatan (TBS) bus terminal's police beat, was approached by the pregnant Indonesian woman whose amniotic sac had broken.

Komathi immediately sprung into action and called for taxis but the first three cabbies refused to take them, but Wong eventually came along and agreed to ferry them.

However, the woman went into labour on the back seat of the taxi, and Komathi played midwife to the birth. She did this despite her uniform being soiled by the mother's blood, defecation and other bodily fluids during labour.

Both the mother and 3.7kg child were wheeled in for further treatment upon arrival at the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Hospital later.

A Facebook post on the incident went viral with tens of thousands of likens and even attracted attention from the Raja Permaisuri Agong, Tunku Hajah Azizah Aminah Maimunah Iskandariah.

Tunku Azizah tweeted a congratulatory note to the police force and thanked Komathi for helping the mother.

“An attitude that should be emulated and I pray for the good health of the mother and child,” the queen had posted.

Not for publicity

Interviewed by The Sun yesterday, Komathi said she did not want to take the risk by waiting for an ambulance on that day as the delay could have put both the mother and child at risk.

"I just could not bear to see anything go wrong. I would never been able to live with that. That is why I had to do something. Never did I expect it to receive so much publicity," the mother of two was quoted saying.

As for Wong, the safety of wellbeing of the mother and the child was of utmost importance.

"I did not expect to get so much attention and praise for this. I just wanted to help and had no expectations. Previously, I have ferried accident victims to hospitals. How can I simply drive away when people are in need of help?" he was quoted by The Sun.

In fact, Wong even refused payment from Komathi for the trip to the hospital. He even had to fork out RM200 of his own money to clean the soiled backseat later.

None of that, however, matters to him.

"It is no issue to me, the lives of the woman and her child are more important. I am satisfied knowing they are safe and healthy," he told the daily.

Source: The Sun
Photo source: The Sun