There's a common saying around the world that goes: "the police is your friend."

While it may not always be the case, a recent incident in the Philippines has made the statement seem true.

On April 19, the police in the Palawan province in the Philippines arrested Allan Barrientos Delos Angeles, who's been on the "most wanted" list since 1996 for illegal firearms possession and murder.

If you assumed that he would have been punished for evading the authorities for so long, you are wrong.

Upon finding out that it was Angeles' 45th birthday on that day, the cops presented him with a surprise birthday cake while he was held in the lock-up, local reports said.

In a series of photos shared by the Altavas Municipal Police Station on their social media, a policeman can be seen offering a chocolate cake to Angeles, while he poses for a police mug shot.

The "lucky" suspect was reportedly let out on bail the next day.

According to the police, Angeles did not resist arrest when he was presented with the warrant. Instead, he cooperated well so that he can clear his name.

Good for him. Now, if there are more cooperative suspects and friendly police like these, the world will be a much better place.

Source: Philippine Star
Photos source: Facebook