The Indian police are looking for a man who faked his COVID-19 status to get away from his wife, following a domestic squabble.

India Today reported that businessman Ejaz Ahmad from Madhya Pradesh claimed to be COVID-19 positive, so that he can be away from his wife for a few days, in the pretext of quarantine.

To pull off the ruse, Ejaz reportedly downloaded a COVID-19 positive report from the internet and edited his name into it using Photoshop.

He then told that he has to be sent to a state-run quarantine facility for a few days.

The family, however, suspected something amiss when Ejaz failed to return home after a month. They contacted the private laboratory which allegedly issued the report, and found that it was a fake.

The police are now looking for Ejaz to book him for forgery.

Source: India Today
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