Indian police have arrested a woman who married three men in three months, before fleeing with their money and valuables.

According to reports, the 27-year-old Maharashtrian woman, identified as Vijaya Amrute, embarked on the cheating spree after she and her husband lost their jobs during India's COVID-19 lockdown, which began last March.

The mother of one then joined a marriage racket and got hitched to her first victim from Nashik, only to flee with valuables two weeks later.

She then found a second victim, only to repeat her crime, within mere days of her marriage.

Vijaya promptly found a third victim, whom she also left within days after taking his valuables.

The woman's crimes only came to light when her first victim went looking for her, and found that she had gotten hitched to the second man. He then lodged a police report and the suspect was arrested on Oct 31.

Investigations revealed that Vijaya operated with the help of a couple who ran a marriage racket, which preyed on men looking for brides.

Once the prospective groom agrees to the marriage, the couple would charge between Rs2 lakh and Rs5 lakh (RM11,175 - RM27,939) to solemnize the marriage. The bride will then flee with the wedding jewellery and other valuables, soon after the ceremony.

Marriage scams are not new in India. There have been at least two other similar cases reported during the coronavirus lockdown, including one in September, where a woman was caught scamming eight seniot citizens into marrying her, before running off with their valuables.

Police later found out that the woman had been running the scam for the past 10 years.

Source: Times of India, VICE
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