An estimated RM2 billion is lost through online scams and other commercial crimes annually, the police has said.

According to Bukit Aman Commercial Crimes Investigation Department director, Commissioner Mohd Zakaria Ahmad, the amount is an average, although it may fluctuate.

Telecommunication scams and e-commerce fraud topped the list, Zakaria told reporters after attending a forum on cyber crime today, adding that he himself, has been targeted by scammers before.

“Even I have gotten those (scam) calls. It was strange as to how they got my details because the information was correct. How did they know this information and who gave it to them? This is the problem. We also don’t know about the sale of data,” he was reported saying by The Star.

He further lamented the lack of procedures adhered to when registering a pre-paid number, with which the majority number of scams are committed.

For instance, mobile phone shops do not take complete details, such as MyKad or passport number of a person buying a pre-paid number, which allows such scams to take place, he added.

Meanwhile, according to the Malaysian Cyber Consumer Association (MCCA), losses from cyber crimes amounted to RM309.67 million from January to July this year.

The figure is even more worrying as it is very close to the number of losses recorded the whole of last year, which is RM398.6 million.

Source: The Star, Bernama
Photo source: Astro Awani