The COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing lockdown has either postponed or stopped many weddings around the world.

Tired of repeated hurdles, a couple in the US proceeded with their wedding on Nov 20- never mind the fact that the bride herself was tested positive for COVID-19, just days before the ceremony.

To minimize the risk of infections, the event was carried out "Rapunzel" style, where the bride, Lauren Jimenez, 29, clad in her white wedding gown, sat by the window of a two-storey building, while her groom, Patrick Delgado, 27, stood beneath her on the front yard.

The couple were only connected to each other with 30-foot ribbon made by Jimenez's aunt, to symbolize the "holding of hands."

According to reports, the couple, who have been dating for four years, and got engaged in May last year, already had to postpone the ceremony three times due to the pandemic.

The frustration, coupled with the fact that their marriage licence was going to expire, caused the lovebirds to press on with the ceremony.

As soon as the ceremony was over, Jimenez went back to bed to rest.

The couple is yet to see each other after the ceremony, and there is at least three more weeks for them to make it official - factoring in the quarantine period and the distance they live from each other.

They plan to hold a grand celebration on the first anniversary of their wedding, if the situation permits.

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