The number of cumulative COVID-19 cases in Malaysia has officially passed that of China's, where the virus causing the disease is believed to have originated from.

The 1,295 new cases recorded in the country yesterday brought the total number of confirmed cases to 87,913 - more than China's cumulative 86,777 cases.

For context, COVID-19 is widely believed to have originated from a market in Wuhan, China, late last year.

The number of COVID-19 fatalities in China, however, far outnumber that of Malaysia's, with 4,634 deaths so far, compared to 429 here.

The US is the country worst hit by the pandemic, with more than 17.3 million infections and over 314,000 deaths from the disease. India has the second highest number of infections (9.9 million), with more than 144,000 deaths.

Malaysia and China are placed at number 79 and 80, respectively. Singapore, which earlier this year had numbers higher than Malaysia's, is now placed 86 with 58,353 cases and just 29 deaths.

The global infection and death tally from the coronavirus has surpassed 74.5 million, and 1.65 million, respectively.

Photo source: Astro Awani