The COVID-19 outbreak in Chennai is spiralling, with almost 2,400 new cases recorded on June 30.

Although Chennai is still behind Delhi and Mumbai in the total number of infections, with 58,327 cases, the capital of Tamil Nadu is now leading the charge with the highest number of daily infections, in India.

Chennai is also the second highest in the world, after Los Angeles in the US, in terms of new COVID-19 cases, reported India Today.

A total of 2,199 cases were recorded in Delhi on June 30.

Since June 3, Chennai has been reporting over 1,000 new COVID-19 cases every day, and the numbers more than doubled at the end of June.

The shocking increase is happening despite Chennai being under "intensified lockdown" until July 31. Infection numbers are growing the fastest in Chennai among the three most affected cities, doubling at a rate of every 17 days.

Although Tamil Nadu authorities have ramped up testing considerably, with over a million tests conducted so far, infection numbers are surging faster than testing can be done.

The pandemic has infected more than 605,000 people in India, and killed 17,855 people.

India is at the fourth place in the number of countries worst affected by COVID-19, behind the US, Brazil and Russia.

Source: India Today
Photo source: The News Minute