Craving for durian?

Before you hop on behind the wheel of your BMW to get to your roadside durian stall, think again. You'd be better off making the trip on your beat up Kancil or kapcai motorbike instead.

This is because certain roadside durian traders are reportedly selling durian to customers based on the type of car the latter drive.

Pahang Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry (KPDNHEP) Chief Ahmad Fitri told Harian Metro that these unscrupulous durian sellers often jack up the price of durian two to three-fold if they see customers pulling up in luxury vehicles.

For example, if you pull up in say, a BMW or Mercedes Benz, the durian you buy will cause two or three times more, than it would if you had gone to the shop in a Proton Saga or Wira.

These traders don't attach a price tag to the fruits, so that they can manipulate the prices easily.

To curb such rampant cheating, the state KPDNHEP has conducted 72 inspections on traders in Kuantan, Jerantut, Bentong, Lipis, Raub and Temerloh.

Following the checks, the ministry has already issued fines against traders who failed to display price tags, or used rigged weighing scales to make more profit.

Fitri further cautioned traders against such methods, saying compounds of up to RM1,000 can be imposed if they are caught in the act.

Source: Harian Metro
Photo source: Astro Awani