MIC deputy president M Saravanan will seek an explanation from the Inspector-General of Police, as well as the Home Ministry, regarding the case of A. Ganapathy, who died from alleged police brutality.

In a statement posted on his Facebook last night, Saravanan, who is also Human Resources Minister, said he will also raise the matter in the cabinet meeting.

"The death of A. Ganapathy, who died from injuries allegedly sustained under police custody, is a worrying development.

"The truth and the justice in this case must be upheld. I will contact the IGP, and the Home Ministry to gain information and development on this case," he said.

He will also raise the matter in the cabinet meeting as it has the potential to corrode the people's trust on the integrity of the Royal Malaysian Police force, Saravanan added.

"The police have the responsibility to ensure investigations into this case are done in a prompt and transparent manner.

"I'm committed in seeking justice for the late A. Ganapathy and his family," wrote the minister.

Insiden kes A. Ganapathy, yang didakwa meninggal dunia berikutan kecederaan teruk yang dialaminya semasa di bawah...

Posted by Datuk Seri M Saravanan on Thursday, 29 April 2021

Ganapathy, 40, died in the Intensive Care Unit of the Selayang Hospital on April 18, after being admitted there following a bout of custodial detention.

The father of two children aged seven and five, was detained on Feb 24 by the Gombak police to facilitate investigations into a case involving is brother, who is wanted by the police.

His family claimed that Ganapathy, despite suffering from diabetes and heart conditions, was in a fairly healthy condition when he detained, but later ended with a kidney-related condition, and an amputated leg after landing in the hospital.

His mother, S Thanaletchumy, had lodged a police report on March 11, alleging that her son had complained of being beaten with a rubber hose while under police custody, when she visited him at the hospital.

It is worth noting that when he was admitted to the hospital, Ganapathy, who sells cow's milk for a living, had been cleared of any charges by the police.

Meanwhile, Ganapathy's family lawyer K. Ganesh reportedly told Malaysiakini that a doctor from the Kuala Lumpur Hospital's Pathology Department had allegedly told him that the deceased had succumbed to severe injuries sustained to his legs and shoulder, while in police custody.

The lawyer further claimed that the deceased's family, however, is yet to receive the full post-mortem report from the police.

News portal The Malaysian Insight, meanwhile, reported that Ganapathy's family will sue the police and the Selayang Hospital for allegedly negligence leading to his death.

Source: Facebook, Malaysiakini, TMI
Photo source: Facebook, Astro Awani