A Grab delivery rider has won netizens' hearts for going the extra mile, quite literally, to serve food to his customer.

Netizen Vijaya Kasinathan recently narrated the incident, which happened about two weeks ago, in a Facebook post which has since gone viral.

According to her, she forgot to change her food delivery location from her office in Cheras to her home in Puchong when she ordered dinner, and it was too late when she realized the blunder.

She later called the rider, identified as Muhammad Azrul, 25,to inform that she was no longer in the office, and told him to keep the food for himself.

Azrul, however, said that he felt bad that she won't have anything to eat, and decided to send the meal to Vijaya's house in Puchong, without extra charges.

"I never anticipated such courtesy and dedication from this young boy. I was truly bowled over.

"I have him a small ang pow when he came all the way from Cheras, and refused to take the RM100 that I placed in an envelope which he didn't open until he went to the petrol bunk to fuel up," Vijaya wrote.

However, he eventually accepted the token when she insisted on it.

Vijaya's post on the heartwarming incident, which depicts Azrul in a photo with her mother, has gone viral on social media.

Meanwhile, Harian Metro spoke to Azrul, who said he refused to accept Vijaya's offer to take the food she had ordered for herself, as it was not "within his right" to do so.

As for wanting to return the money given, Azrul said it was because he felt the amount was "too much".

Kudos Azrul for being an exemplary delivery rider, and an overall kind human being. May this heartwarming story be an inspiration for everyone to be more tolerant towards each other.

Source: Facebook, Harian Metro
Photo source: Facebook, Harian Metro