Microsleep, whicn is a short burst of sleep that typically last for several seconds, can be deadly when it happens behind the wheel.

There have been reports of horrific accidents happening in the country, and around the world, due to drivers dozing off when they are driving. All it takes are a few seconds of shut eye, and the next moment, lives are lost.

Now, an Indian soldier has invented a device that may put this matter to rest.

According to the Times of India, Colonel Kuldeep Yadav of Military College of Electronics and Mechanical Engineering at Secunderabad in Telangana, has invented an articial intelligence-based device called Accident Prevention System (APS) that can alert the driver with a loud buzzer if his eyes close for more than three seconds.

The device has reportedly been tested in three Army vehicles for as many months, and the trial has proven successful. It has since been handed to the Telangana government for trial on comemrcial vehicles.

APS currently costs Rs10,000 (RM553), but the cost can further be reduced once the device goes to large-scale production. The small device can be easily fitted on the driver's compartment of any car or truck without needing special modifications.

A very useful invention indeed. Let's hope that this invention, and its widespread usage can save lives in the future.

Source: Times of India
Photo source: discovermagazine.com