While Deepavali should have been a happy occasion for all, the passing of a 2-year old toddler Sujith Wilson dampened celebrations for people around the world.

Sujith, who was playing with his friends, fell into an abandoned borewell near his house. The toddler who was initially stuck 30 feet down, slipped further to 90 feet and eventually ended up 600 feet deep.

Despite the massive rescue operation to bring the child back to the surface alive, only his highly decomposed body was brought to the surface after a difficult 80-hour rescue mission.

Now rumours are making the rounds in social media that the Indian government used heavy machinery for the rescue operation and spent about Rs 11 crores for the unsuccessful rescue operation.

Commissioner of Revenue Administration J.Radhakrishnan clarified the news was nothing but rumours, and has requested everyone not to spread such gossip during this difficult time.

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