Gone are the days of enduring long delays when renewing MyKad. Now, a hassle-free solution awaits – a simple phone call to the National Registration Office (JPN) expedites the renewal process, ensuring your renewed MyKad is in your hands within just thirty minutes of application.

The JPN has streamlined its services to provide this rapid renewal option, offering a convenient alternative for those seeking a replacement due to damage.

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All you need to do is dial the official hotline, 03-8880 8066, during office hours, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday. Please note that there's a break from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm, and on Fridays, a slightly extended break from 12:15 pm to 2:45 pm. Stay ahead and save time with this swift MyKad renewal service.

According to JPN, when applying to replace a MyKad over the phone through JPN, certain essential conditions must be met to ensure a smooth process and swift issuance of the new MyKad. Here are the key guideliness:

• For Malaysian citizens only.

• This service is for replacement of normal MyKad or defective chip/damaged card.

• An application fee of RM10 applies (payment will be charged upon card collection).

• The MyKad holder must personally apply and collect the replacement. For applicants under 18, parents or legal guardians must accompany them to collect the MyKad.

• The MyKad can be collected at all MyKad Printing and Distribution Centres (DPP) within 30 minutes after completing the application.

• Any changes to address, religion, name and photo are not allowed.

• A loss fee will be charged if the applicant fails to present the old MyKad during collection at the counter.

The duration for successful online application transactions to collect MyKad varies based on the chosen collection centre:

• MyKad can be collected after 30 minutes of a successful application at JPN WP Putrajaya Headquarters, State Headquarters, and UTC Branches

• MyKad will be ready for collection after five working days from the date of a successful application.

• MyKad collection will be possible after seven working days from the date of a successful application

However, the MyKad application process for first-time applicants is streamlined and completed within one working day, ensuring a prompt issuance of the identification card.

For replacements due to a faulty identification card, the process is meticulous, taking approximately three months to ensure a precise and accurate issuance of the new card/

Speaking about seamless online convenience by JPN

The National Registration Office (JPN) recognizes the importance of modernizing services. Users can conveniently access a range of online services, including:

• MyKad Replacement System (faulty identification card)

• Application Status Check (MyKad / MyPR / MyKAS)

• MyKid Application Status Check

Having said that, by visiting www.jpn.gov.my, users can swiftly select and avail themselves of the specified services, ensuring a seamless experience.

In line with the commitment to enhance user convenience, JPN has introduced a dedicated smartphone application, JPN Info Q. This app is designed to resolve queuing concerns at JPN counters, providing valuable features such as:

- Real-time monitoring of the number of customers in queue

- Comprehensive details about JPN branch operating hours

- Precise JPN branch addresses

If faced with an extended wait, the JPN InfoQ app empowers users to monitor their turn's expected arrival time, offering the flexibility to plan their visit to JPN Headquarters accordingly, even when off-site. The JPN InfoQ application is available for download on both Android and iOS platforms, ensuring accessibility for a broader user base.

For any inquiries or feedback, feel free to reach out to us at 03-8880707 or visit the official JPN website at www.jpn.gov.my. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Source / Image Credit: Nestia, JPN, The Rakyat Post