Opening your window may help you ward off COVID-19, experts have found.

Growing evidence suggests that allowing air to circulate around enclosed spaces can help disperse the air-borne viral droplets, also known as aerosols, which are able to remain suspended in the air for hours, and cause infection.

AFP spoke to epidemiologist Antoine Flahault, who likened dispersing the viral cloud to airing out a room when someone is smoking.

"What do you do? You open a window to let the smoke out.

"And it's the same for these invisible coronavirus aerosols," he was quoted saying.

It is worth noting that the American Centres for Disease Control (CDC) also recently updated its guidance on enclosed areas to say that indoor spaces should be properly ventilated by bringing in outdoor air as much as possible.

Germany has officially encouraged its people to leave the windows open, with its Chancellor Angela Merkel saying that ventilation could be one of the "least expensive and most effectie measures to stop the propagation of the pandemic."

Despite the experts' advice, airing out a room is no magic pill to completely keep the disease at bay.

Flahault still vouches for the tried and tested methods of social distancing, wearing a face mask, washing hands frequently, and reducing communicating with each other face-to-face as the best way so far, to keep the virus at bay.

The coronavirus has so far infected more than 36.7 million and killed more than a million people worldwide.

Source: AFP
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