There have been privacy concerns raised about Russia made FaceApp- a mobile application which uses articial-intelligence to make its users look younger or older.

But it looks like good things can come after all, from use of similar technology.

Chinese authorities have used a FaceApp-styled AI to help reunite a 21-year-old Chinese man with his parents, after he was kidnapped from them 18 years ago.

Yu Weifeng went missing in 2001, aged only 3, while playing near a construction site where his father Yu Xingquan, worked as a foreman.

For years that followed, Xingquan and his wife searched for their son high and low in numerous cities, but it proved to be a futile exercise, until police deployed the AI technology.

Based on Weifeng's photograph as a child, the software spent about two months predicting how he would look like as an adult.

It sorted through 100 likely candidates before singling out Weifeng, who is a student in Guangzhou.

According to the police, Weifeng initially refused to believe that he was a kidnapped child, but accepted the reality after a DNA test confirmed that he was a match with his biological parents.

Investigations are still undergoing on the kidnapping, but no arrests have been made so far.

Tears flowed freely during the reunion between the long-lost son and his parents, where media was also present.

Xingquan thanked his son's foster parents for raising him thus far, and pledged that they will be considered family too.

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