Does fame cause issues with one's mental health? It does, according to an analysis by Paracelsus Recovery, a Swiss and UK-based clinic that has treated dozens of celebrities.

A report by Daily Mail said that the analysis has shown that out of the 60 performers who won either the Best Actor of Best Actress award in the Academy Awards, popularly known as the Oscars, since 1992, 41 have suffered from mental health issues.

"Fame should come with a health warning," the analysis reportedly said, further noting that depression, anxiety, and substance abuse are some of the common problems faced by celebrities.

The tabloid daily also quoted renowned celebrity mental health expert Dr Paul Hokemeyer saying that fame is often associated with "fear, pain, and loneliness", and that the level of success that Oscar-winning celebrities attain is beyond comprehension for about 99.9 percent of the population.

"The drive, work and confluence of circumstances that it takes to get there are otherworldly. For this reason, once attained, the success feels empty and fraudulent. It feels undeserved," he reportedly noted.

It is worth noting that three-time Oscar winner Daniel Day-Lewis quit acting in 2017, citing depression as the reason, while actor Nicolas Cage who won the Best Actor award for "Leaving Las Vegas" has openly talked about suffering from alcohol abuse.

Actresses Jodie Foster and Emma Stone, who won the Best Actress awards for The Silence of the Lambs (1992), and La La Land (2017) respectively, have also spoken of mental health issues.

While the prevalence of health mental problem among the general population is 10 percent, the problem rises to 68 percent among Oscar winners, the analysis noted.

This does not say that all talented, award-winning problem will end up getting mental problems at one point in life.

Everyone, whether famous or not, should seek professional help if they are undergoing mental issues.

Source: Daily Mail
Photo source: getty images