Are you dreaming of an "out of this world" wedding?

According to a Daily Mail report, Florida-based company Space Perspective is offering the chance to hold weddings, and other events, inside a capsule carried by a stadium-sized balloon, 100,000 feet (30km) above Earth, from the year 2024.

If you want in, perhaps it's best to start saving up from now as the trip could set you back an equally astronomical AS$125,000 (RM528,000).

The capsule, which is equipped with a bathroom, bar and on-board Wifi connection, can carry eight guests at one time and serves them with a fantastic 360-degree view of the stratosphere, and the planet Earth from above. Guests will also get to enjoy their breakfast and drinks while sitting back in their plush reclining chairs while soaking in the view, and snapping away photos to upload on their social media.

Taber MacCallum and Jane Poynter - the husband and wife team who owns Space Perspective, said there had been overwhelming response from people wanting to conduct their weddings and other events in space, since they started selling tickets for the package in June.

In fact, the reception is so good that spaceflight tickets for 2024 is sold out, the company's website said. Tickets are still up for grabs for 2025 flights.

So what are you waiting for? Start saving every sen from now, because sometimes, dreams don't come cheap.

Source: Daily Mail
Photo source: Space Perspective