Would you fancy buying pre-loved fashion items, worn by local celebrities and influencers, while doing charity at the same time?

If you answered yes to both questions, perhaps you should join the Celebrity Garage Sale being held at Bunglow 37 in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur, between 10am and 7pm, on Sunday, Sept 27.

The event, organised by Black & White Events, aims to help people in the community who have been affected financially since the COVID-19 pandemic broke, while promoting a more sustainable lifestyle by having a garage sale.

During the sale, celebrities and influencers will resell clothes they have used for photo shoots and events, and the proceeds collected will go towards helping a needy family that lives at PPR Flat Lembah Subang.

The said family consists of 50-year-old Gowri, who has to take care of her five grandchildren - none of whom are schooling, while earning only RM1,500 a month, working as a cleaner. This is because the children's father, R Gopinath, is in prison and their mother is deceased.

The children are aged between 15 and three, and the eldest boy, G Pravin, just started working as a security guard. One of his sisters, Kirthana, aged `11, is deaf and dumb, and only has her birth certificate. The remaining siblings don't have either an identification card, or a birth certificate.

The Celebrity Garage Sale event aims to raise enough funds to help the needy family.

Some of the celebrities who will be contributing to this noble cause are as follows - Shaila Nair, Priyaa Simmi (Mrs Malaysia World 2019/2020), Hemaji, Sanjna Suri, Pashini, Revathi, Moonila, Nikita Menon, Nithya RV, and Krithigah Nair, among others.

Proceeds from the sale will be audited by an audit firm for transparency and a cheque will be presented during the event. Food and other booths will also be available during event.

Photo source: Black & White Events