A group of gangsters murdered a man, and cremated him wearing full protective gear (PPE), in the pretext he died from COVID-19.

AFP reported that the incident happened in Agra, India, recently. The five gang members had invited the victim, who owed them four million rupees (RMRM223,324) for a party, before suffocating him.

The suspects then registered the dead man under a false name and cremated his body at a facility in the northern state.

To avoid being caught, they used full protective gear, claiming the victim had died of COVID-19, police said.

An information then tipped-off the police about the incident, leading to the arrest of the five men. All five later confessed to the crime.

India suffered devastating COVID-19 numbers and deaths during the second wave of the coronavirus.

As hospitals and mortuaries ran out of place, many COVID-19 casualties, especially those from poor families, were disposed off in the Ganges river.

But now, Mother Nature is paying back, in a not-so-kind manner. Flooding in the Ganges river has uncovered the shallow graves of hundreds of coronavirus victims, local portals reported.

Countless partially submerged bodies and dozens more corpses are floating down the holy river, said reports.

With 30.4 million cases and more than 400,000 deaths, India is the second worst hit country by the pandemic, after the US.

The global infection and death tally from the virus has surpassed 183 million, and 3.97 million, respectively.

Source: AFP, metro.co,uk
Photo source: Harian Metro via AFP