Ahead of the Malaysia 15th General Election (GE15), there might be some voters who will be asking us: "Why do we have to vote?"

In less than 48 hours, November 19 is slowly creeping up, and Astro Ulagam would like to remind you that your VOTES matter the most. Here are five reasons why you should register and vote for your beloved nation:

1. Every VOTE matters

By casting your vote, you are using your voice to advocate for you, your community, and even future generations. Imagine if everyone thought, “it’s just one vote, mine doesn’t matter.”

Do you really want your leaders decided by the flip of a coin? Vote, so you are the one who will be choosing your leaders.

2. It’s your rights!

The right to vote is one of our most important freedoms as individuals. It ensures we have a voice and it ensures that our voices are heard. We need to stand up for the idea of democracy and one of the best ways to do this is to vote in elections.

3. An opportunity for a change

Do you want to make a positive impact in your community?

To have a say, social issues affect everyone in one way or another - from education, employment, climate change to owning a property. Through your votes, it gives you that chance to see the country in a better place in the future. Be the changemaker!

4. Protect our upcoming generations

By voting you are not only doing your part to change the current issues, but for the upcoming generations as well. Yes, for Gen Z!

5. For a better democracy

Like anything, the shape of our democracy changes with time, but one truth remains constant: democracy only works when we work for it. It is our participation in the democratic process that keeps our country strong. Your vote matters, your voice matters, and when you cast your vote, you earn the best kind of human rights by helping the community to fight for your country.

Vote NOW - rather than just venting it on social media. GE15 holds a tremendous importance, and the results will impact every Malaysian who is expecting to witness a change to our beautiful homeland. That’s why it’s essential to vote.

Make the decision to vote - be a voice for yourself and those around you. Be the change that you want to see. With this comes the burden of being aware of the impact of our choices and the duty to choose wisely.

Image Credit: BFM