Where there is a will, there is a way. Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) graduate Kevin Rayappan can attest to this.

Stuck in an unusual traffic jam on the Penang bridge yesterday morning, the 28-year-old hitched a ride on a motorcycle to his convocation ceremony at the university.

Now, netizens are on a quest to trace the "mysterious" motorcyclist who gave Kevin a lift to the event.

Kevin's predicament was even shared on USM's official Facebook page yesterday. According to the report, Kevin left his home in Seberang Jaya with his parents about 6.30am, but got stuck in a massive jam on the bridge, due to a fatal accident.

When the vehicles were still not moving at 9am, he decided to hitch a ride to the convocation ceremony. A photo of Kevin, dressed in a suit and clutching his graduation robe while sticking out his thumb to hitch a ride, went viral on social media yesterday.

Fortunately, a kind-hearted motorcyclist stopped and gave Kevin a ride to the convocation ceremony, but since he was in a rush, Kevin could not ask for the Good Samaritan's details.

Kevin's parents eventually managed to make it to the ceremony to see their so graduate with a Master's in Business Administration - thanks to the university and the convocation secretariat postponing the event by 30 minutes, to make way for those who got stuck in the congestion.

Congratulations Kevin on your graduation, and best wishes for finding your "saviour" with the help of internet sleuths.

Source & Photo source: Facebook